#html_escaped=YES|-|#quoted=YES|-||product_url|,|name|,|description|,|price|,|image_url|,|category|,|offer_id||-||http://www.rtmltemplates.com/add-this.html|,|"Add This.com" Social Networking Bookmarks for Yahoo Stores|,|

Your Store Wizards will install your social networking bookmark tool on your site. It can be placed in your navigation bar or on your product pages. Please let us know your placement preference when you order.

Sign up at addthis.com and we will help you get your code installed (as seen on this site). Let us know your account name for the "add this" or send us your code and we will install it.

|,|$150.00$|,|https://sep.yimg.com/ay/rtmltemplates/add-this-social-networking-bookmarks-for-yahoo-stores-1.gif|,|Social Networking for Yahoo Stores >  > |,|ADD-THIS||-||http://www.rtmltemplates.com/accordion-nav.html|,|Accordion Nav - Expanding Navigation Menu for Yahoo! Stores|,|

The Wizards are at it again. We've conjured up a wonderful new accordion-style Expanding Navigation Menu for your Yahoo! store.

This flexible Yahoo store enhancement can be modified to fit your website. By default the layout will be set to look like the screenshot on this page and the colors will be adjusted to match your store.  If you require a revision to the appearance of your side navigation, please let us know BEFORE we install it.

Key Benefits:

|,|$749.00$|,|https://sep.yimg.com/ca/I/rtmltemplates_2272_4404886|,|Featured Items >  > |,|ACCORDION-NAV||-||http://www.rtmltemplates.com/add-search-and-html.html|,|Add Search Box & Custom HTML To Side Nav|,|

Want to include a search box in your side navigation? Need to add some extra HTML above or below your side nav? This template addition will do both in one shot.

These templates do require a side navigation.

|,|$79.95$|,|https://sep.yimg.com/ca/I/rtmltemplates_2272_5423742|,|How can we help? > I want more sales >  > |,|ADD-SEARCH-AND-HTML||-||http://www.rtmltemplates.com/add-to-cart-form.html|,|Add-To-Cart form update for Yahoo stores|,|

Yahoo! has updated their checkout system and the final updates went into effect 01/22/2009.  If your customers see the following message when they place an order, you need to update your add-to-cart form.

Error: order.store.yahoo.com is not a valid URL. Please point all checkout actions to order.store.yahoo.net

You have encountered a file path that is no longer valid. Please contact the store merchant to continue with your order and to report this error.

You either need to update the view cart form or more likely the add-to-cart form so it points to the .net domain.  This change is required when switching to catalog manager.  With Yahoo-built forms the urls change automatically but if you have hard coded urls in the templates or html, those need to be changed manually.

Your Store Wizards can help.  We will find and update the custom rtml/html which generates the view cart or add-to-cart form.

|,|$99.95$|,|https://sep.yimg.com/ca/I/rtmltemplates_2272_5512616|,|Other Services >  > |,|ADD-TO-CART-FORM||-||http://www.rtmltemplates.com/address-autofill.html|,|Address Auto-fill using Google Maps|,|

Add a very helpful address auto-fill function to your Yahoo store.  This feature is powered by Google Maps and displays a dropdown selection as the shopper begins entering their address.

For the full Checkout Wizard installation which includes the address auto-fill functionality, visit http://www.yourstorewizards.com/checkout-wizard.html

|,|$149.00$|,|https://sep.yimg.com/ay/rtmltemplates/address-auto-fill-using-google-maps-1.gif|,|Store Enhancements >  > |,|ADDRESS-AUTOFILL||-||http://www.rtmltemplates.com/advanced-nav-filter.html|,|Advanced Product Filter - Filter Wizard|,|

Use a multi-parameter sorting filter so your shoppers can refine their searches based on multiple different criteria.

The Advanced Filter helps your shoppers quickly find products on your store by allowing customers to narrow their choices using many different search parameters simultaneously.

The filter displays the number of products in each filter class.  As shoppers refine their searches, the numbers change to reflect how many product choices meet all the combined criteria.

Optional search field allows shoppers to "search within these results".  This is a great way to make your site much easier to navigate and help your shoppers find what they're looking for and buy it!

Pricing STARTS at the price listed above.  This is a very customizable enhancement so costs vary based on preexisting in-store customization and design needs.

You can use Yahoo! hosting, or alternate hosting, or Your Store Wizards can provide hosting through Rackspace (faster and higher reliablity).

|,|$999.00$|,|https://sep.yimg.com/ay/rtmltemplates/advanced-navigation-filter-1.gif|,|Store Enhancements > Navigation Improvements >  > |,|ADVANCED-NAV-FILTER||-||http://www.rtmltemplates.com/affiliate-banner-creator.html|,|Affiliate Banner Creator|,|

Run your own affiliate program with ease!!

Your Store Wizards created this store enhancement so Yahoo! merchants can use Yahoo trackable links to run their own affiliate programs.

We basically created a page to compile a database of your store's products and affiliates (you give us a code from your affiliate link) and we build out a banner of products which gets dropped into the html in the affiliate's site.

The Affiliate Banner Generator creates code which you can give to your affiliates and they can insert it on any type of website. This is much the same as one would insert a YouTube embedded code.

Ideal for merchants who want to deal directly with affiliates.  This widget tool will let your affiliates customize referring products to their relevant content.

The setup cost includes the first year's hosting and upkeep and bandwidth usage.  After the first year, the affiliate generator is $59 monthly for hosting, maintenance and bandwidth.

|,|$999.95$|,|https://sep.yimg.com/ca/I/rtmltemplates_2272_892155|,|Store Enhancements > Marketing Features >  > |,|AFFILIATE-BANNER-CREATOR||-||http://www.rtmltemplates.com/duplicate-affiliate-program-tracking-solution.html|,|Affiliate Program Duplicate Transaction Removal Script|,|Do you run multiple affiliate programs? If so, you most likely have the problem that every sale is reported to every program and if a visitor comes through one program and then another before purchasing, both programs get credit. So you're paying out double commissions on the same sale. Our duplicate affiliate program tracking solution will make sure that your sales only get reported to the last program that sent the traffic. Stop paying out double or triple commissions for the same sale.

We will install the script, update your report scripts and make any necessary adjustments.

|,|$299.95$|,||,|Already Do Yahoo! > Integration Services for Yahoo Stores >  > |,|DUPLICATE-AFFILIATE-PROGRAM-TRACKING-SOLUTION||-||http://www.rtmltemplates.com/utility-link-variables.html|,|Alternate Variables for Utility Links Contents|,|We will create the variables you need for contents used on utility links and mobile menu navigation buttons.

|,|$75.00$|,||,|Mobile Page Enhancements >  > |,|UTILITY-LINK-VARIABLES||-||http://www.rtmltemplates.com/amazon-ppc-feed.html|,|Amazon Product Ads Data Feed|,|

The FEED WIZARDS Amazon-PPC data feed is specifically designed to help Yahoo! stores deliver their product data and images to Amazon Product Ads.

The Feed Wizards service is $39.95/month.  If you already have a Feed Wizards account, then it is only $9.95/month to add a feed for Amazon Product Ads.

Purchasing this item means you want a Feed Wizards account with a feed to Amazon Product Ads.  Feed Wizards will set up your data feed service and will help you configure your Amazon Product Ads account to receive your product data feed.  Feed Wizards will also address issues you might have with your product data and help resolve them to meet the requirements of your Amazon Product Ads account.

For information about Amazon Product Ads and to sign up for their service, please use the following link. Amazon Product Ads.

If you don't aleady have an account with Feed Wizards for your Yahoo store data feeds, please sign up at FeedWizards.com.

Click here for a complete listing of the feeds we support.

|,|$0.01$|,|https://sep.yimg.com/ca/I/rtmltemplates_2272_5864421|,||,|AMAZON-PPC-FEED||-||http://www.rtmltemplates.com/amazon-wishlist.html|,|Amazon Wishlist Button|,|When you place the "Add to Amazon Wish List" buttons on your website, your customers can add your products to their Amazon Wish Lists, exposing your product line to the entire community of Amazon customers and gift-givers.

|,|$99.00$|,|https://sep.yimg.com/ca/I/rtmltemplates_2272_1222445|,|Social Networking for Yahoo Stores >  > |,|AMAZON-WISHLIST||-||http://www.rtmltemplates.com/auto-suggest.html|,|Auto suggest cross sell installation (Yahoo's version)|,|

Yahoo! has implemented an Auto Suggest and Cross Sell feature.   Your Store Wizards can install this feature on the ITEM PAGES in your store so you can take advantage of the new auto suggest functionality.

Please choose whether you would like the auto suggest cross sell feature installed horizontally or vertically.

This feature is not available for installation on the HOME page of Yahoo stores.

*** Please note: this feature is not responsive. For a responsive cross sell, please contact us for a custom quote ***

|,|$249.00$|,|https://sep.yimg.com/ca/I/rtmltemplates_2272_6024724|,|Store Enhancements > Automation & Operational >  > |,|AUTO-SUGGEST||-||http://www.rtmltemplates.com/ysw-hot-links.html|,|Automated Hot Links|,|Quickly and easily improve your Yahoo store search engine optimization (SEO).  Our Hot Links feature automatically creates one or multiple anchor text links in your product caption. It is quite easy to use, just populate a field much like the 'options' property already in your yahoo store and you are all set.

|,|$199.95$|,|https://sep.yimg.com/ca/I/rtmltemplates_2272_6131635|,|Hot Items >  > |,|YSW-HOT-LINKS||-||http://www.rtmltemplates.com/product-videos.html|,|Automated Product Videos|,|

Get product videos for your Yahoo store quickly and inexpensively.  Using your catalog data file and an integration code, Treepodia creates thousands of high-converting product videos which are continually A/B tested and optimized for best results.

The Treepodia video platform includes monitored video hosting, high quality streaming and a multi-environment video player which is adjusted to match the overall look and feel of your site.

If you would like YOUR STORE WIZARDS to install your product video system, let us know the LOCATION and whether the video will be a "popup" window effect or will be an "inline" video integrated into your product page.

Use this Product Videos link for more details and signup information.

Typically Treepodia uses your default Yahoo .xml export file to retrieve product information.  If you need a better more comprehensive data file, we have a data feed specifically formatted for Treepodia.

If you ALREADY have our Feed Wizards data feed service, let us know if you would like to add the Treepodia data feed.

If you NEED to set up a data feed and ONLY want the basic Treepodia data file, we can establish our "lite" feed service for you.  In this case, go to our Feed Wizards site and sign up for the free data feed trial and select the "lite" feed option during the registration.

|,|$299.00$|,|https://sep.yimg.com/ca/I/rtmltemplates_2272_1299240|,|Already Do Yahoo! > Integration Services for Yahoo Stores >  > |,|PRODUCT-VIDEOS||-||http://www.rtmltemplates.com/auto-new.html|,|Automatic NEW graphic for new products|,|Want to mark your new items with a special graphic, but don't want to have to keep track to turn them on and off. This template will automatically add a "NEW" graphic to any item contained within your own New Products section.

To display the "NEW" graphic on an item, just add the item ID into your new product section.

We provide a basic "NEW" graphic for you. If you have a different graphic in mind, let us know and we'll integrate it.

Listed price includes adding to items on section pages. If you'd like to add a New graphic, or other graphic badges, to items located in other areas of your store, please let us know and we can provide a custom quote.

|,|$150.00$|,|https://sep.yimg.com/ca/I/rtmltemplates_2272_6281745|,|How can we help? > I want more features > Design Enhancements >  > |,|AUTO-NEW||-||http://www.rtmltemplates.com/page-updated-date.html|,|Automatic Page Updated Date|,|Want to show to your users the date you last updated a page? With our new page dating code your pages can now display the date of the last time that page was published. Not only does this help with customers but allows you as a site owner to know that the page has actually published with your new data.

|,|$49.95$|,||,||,|PAGE-UPDATED-DATE||-||http://www.rtmltemplates.com/strands-product-recommender1.html|,|Automatic Product Recommendations by Strands|,|

FREE Installation Available. See below for details.

Strands Recommender for Yahoo Stores is a cost-effective and easy-to-use social recommendation and personalization platform.  Your Store Wizards will integrate the Strands Recommender into your Yahoo store.

Save on merchandising costs while boosting conversion and cart size, and enhancing customer loyalty and repeat purchase rates with targeted and automated product recommendations for your shoppers.

FREE Installation information:

When you go to the Strands site to sign up for your new Strands Recommender account, use coupon code "YSW2010".  We will confirm your account with Strands and WAIVE your installation cost.

Strands offers a FREE TRIAL of their product recommender system so you can try it out without risk.  Use our coupon code when signing up for your FREE TRIAL and we'll install the system in your Yahoo! store for free.

For Yahoo! stores with only the OBJINFO export file available, we can provide a special data feed which provides Strands with category info and better product information than what is available on the OBJINFO file.

|,|$299.00$|,|https://sep.yimg.com/ay/rtmltemplates/automatic-product-recommendations-by-strands-2.gif|,||,|STRANDS-PRODUCT-RECOMMENDER1||-||http://www.rtmltemplates.com/yst-meta-tags.html|,|Automatically optimize your Meta Description Tag for search engines|,|

Don't miss out on search engine traffic because you don't have the time to optimize.

We can help you save time by automatically generating a Description meta tag for every item page on your site.

As with all our templates, you can override specific pages with your own hand-coded keywords and descriptions when you want to further optimize.

|,|$199.95$|,|https://sep.yimg.com/ca/I/rtmltemplates_2272_6398121|,|New To Yahoo! >  > |,|YST-META-TAGS||-||http://www.rtmltemplates.com/avantlink-tracking-script-installation.html|,|AvantLink Tracking Pixel Installation|,|Report your order's information (order # and sale amount) directly to AvantLink. With this purchase we will install the javascript on the Order confirmation page and refine as needed.

|,|$200.00$|,|https://sep.yimg.com/ca/I/rtmltemplates_2272_6417275|,|Already Do Yahoo! > Integration Services for Yahoo Stores >  > |,|AVANTLINK-TRACKING-SCRIPT-INSTALLATION||-||http://www.rtmltemplates.com/mobile-breadcrumbs.html|,|Breadcrumbs for mobile friendly web pages|,|Breadcrumbs are a helpful navigation tool. They also have an SEO benefit through the cross-linking they provide. Can be modified to show shorter section names in the breadcrumbs trail for conservation of precious screen space.

|,|$99.00$|,||,|Mobile Page Enhancements >  > |,|MOBILE-BREADCRUMBS||-||http://www.rtmltemplates.com/bridaluxe-feed-tracking.html|,|Bridaluxe Tracking Script Integration|,|

Bridaluxe Advertisers... Your Store Wizards are the experts when it comes to tracking script integration for your Yahoo! store.

Purchasing the Bridaluxe tracking script integration service includes installation of the Bridaluxe tracking pixel so your orders can be properly attributed to the marketing source.  We worked directly with Bridaluxe to develop this tracking script which meets their exacting specifications and is compatible with the Yahoo! store platform.

You need to sign up for an account with Bridaluxe before we install your tracking script.  If you don't already have a Bridaluxe account, please let your Bridaluxe representative know you were referred by Your Store Wizards.

The Bridaluxe data integration service includes the following:

You may also consider our Feed Wizard Data Feed Service which is the perfect complement to the Bridaluxe tracking script.  Bridaluxe picks up data directly from your Yahoo store's .XML export file.  If you use custom properties, or populate fields which aren't included in the default export file, Your Store Wizards' Data Feed Service is an easy solution.

Enrollment in our data feed program also includes redundant image hosting which ensures your image locations will not expire.

For more information about the Feed Wizard data feed service, please visit our Data Feed page.

|,|$124.95$|,|https://sep.yimg.com/ca/I/rtmltemplates_2272_6608076|,|Already Do Yahoo! > Integration Services for Yahoo Stores >  > |,|BRIDALUXE-FEED-TRACKING||-||http://www.rtmltemplates.com/bronto-tracking-script-installation.html|,|Bronto Tracking Pixel Installation|,|This script will report your order's information (order # and sale amount) directly to Bronto. With this purchase we will install the javascript and refine as needed.

|,|$249.95$|,||,|Already Do Yahoo! > Integration Services for Yahoo Stores >  > |,|BRONTO-TRACKING-SCRIPT-INSTALLATION||-||http://www.rtmltemplates.com/bulleted-list-install.html|,|Bulleted List Install|,|Install Service: If you would rather have this template installed and customized rather than doing it yourself, simply ORDER this item and we will have it installed for you.

If you have templates not based on the standard templates there may be an additional charge.

|,|$150.00$|,|https://sep.yimg.com/ca/I/rtmltemplates_2272_6735195|,|How can we help? > I want more features > Product Information Features > Bulleted List >  > |,|BULLETED-LIST-INSTALL||-||http://www.rtmltemplates.com/buysight-tracking-script-install.html|,|Buysight Tracking Script Installation|,|Your Store Wizards will install and integrate your BUYSIGHT tracking script into your Yahoo store.

The BUYSIGHT tracking pixel is installed on all product, category, check out, and confirmation pages.

|,|$149.00$|,||,|Already Do Yahoo! > Integration Services for Yahoo Stores >  > |,|BUYSIGHT-TRACKING-SCRIPT-INSTALL||-||http://www.rtmltemplates.com/canonical-tags.html|,|Canonical Tags for Search Engine Optimization SEO|,|

You should have a Canonical Tag.

The canonical tag by itself is a tool for Google and other search engines to know where the "primary" page for any content resides.  A canonical tag is generally used to avoid duplicate content issues in case there are multiple pages with similar content or multiple paths to the same page.

Canonical tags are important if you use comparison shopping engines and those sites have links back to your Yahoo store (which most do).  The canonical tells Google when they see a page, the url in the canonical tag is the main one for that content.  If you have a page at say abc.html and you give shopping.com a url with tracking (abc.html?tracking). It's possible to see the link and end up at (abc.html?tracking) and think it's a duplicate page to abc.html .  The canonical will point to abc.html and tell google that even if it hits abc.html?tracking , the main page is abc.html and so the ?tracking one isn't a duplicate page.

This also can happen - and is even more likely - if a user clicks through a shopping link, gets the '?tracking' url and then posts it on a blog, site, etc... Really anything that adds parameters to the url can cause Google to think you have duplicate content without the canonical tag.   Canonical provides security that Google won't see duplicate data.

If you don't have a Google Products feed or feeds to other comparison shopping engines, you should and we can help.  Go to http://www.feedwizards.com and we can get your data feed established ASAP so you don't miss out on the free traffic it provides.

Order now and maximize your SEO by greatly reducing or eliminating duplicate content issues caused by multiple similar pages or multiple paths to your product pages.

|,|$99.00$|,||,|Already Do Yahoo! > Search Engine Optimization (SEO) >  > |,|CANONICAL-TAGS||-||http://www.rtmltemplates.com/captcha-code-install.html|,|Captcha Code Installation|,|

Captcha codes help stop SPAM on your contact form and other forms on your Yahoo! store.

Until now, you didn't have a way to easily stop spam on the contact form of your Yahoo! store.   Now you do!

The Captcha installation works with Yahoo! stores as long as you have non-yahoo web hosting.

Your Store Wizards will work with your existing forms and add a light string of code on each form to activate the Captcha Code.  You can still modify and adjust your form in the future so you need not hire an outside programming firm just to make minor edits to your contact form.

|,|$399.00$|,|https://s.yimg.com/aah/rtmltemplates/captcha-code-installation-5.gif|,|Store Enhancements > Automation & Operational >  > |,|CAPTCHA-CODE-INSTALL||-||http://www.rtmltemplates.com/yst-cart-incentive.html|,|Cart Incentive|,|Everybody loves "freebies".   The Your Store Wizards Cart Incentive enhancement allows you to easily display a promotional offer threshold to your customers as they check out.

For example: If you offer free shipping on orders over $200.00, this feature will show your shopper how much more they need to buy in order to qualify.

It will also display a message if they've already earned the promotion. eg: "Congratulations, you've earned FREE SHIPPING on your order!"


Stores using CHECKOUT MANAGER...

If you already had this enhancement and subsequently upgraded your store to Yahoo's new Checkout Manager, you can purchase a discounted "upgrade" installation. Please let us know in the comments section of your order if this is the case.

Installation Options...
The cart incentive device can be installed in your CART ONLY as well as ON-PAGE in your Yahoo store. Please choose the corresponding option. Installation includes minor styling adjustments. Please use the comments field in the checkout to describe how you would like the device to appear on your store.

|,|$199.95$|,|https://sep.yimg.com/ca/I/rtmltemplates_2272_6818077|,|Store Enhancements > Marketing Features >  > |,|YST-CART-INCENTIVE||-||http://www.rtmltemplates.com/site-map.html|,|Categorized Site Map|,|Improve the layout of your Index page by changing it to this custom site map. Not only does a custom site map make your index page more readable for search engines (lists all your major categories, sections and subsections), it is also much more usable for your customers.

This enhancement is completely automated and will update as you add or remove pages. You don't need to rebuild the site map page every time you update your inventory.

You can rearrange your major sections to place them in whichever order you choose.

You can see examples of the site map on this site's index page or at Skin911.com. After the installation, you can customize the look of the fonts (face, color, size) through CSS (styles) which are included with the templates.

By default the site map shows three levels of sections (section, subsections, items) so any site with more than three levels deep (beyond the home page) may want to list subsections as primary sections in the site map.

The site map can be configured with one column or two columns and you can rearrange the order of the primary sections as needed.

|,|$299.95$|,|https://sep.yimg.com/ca/I/rtmltemplates_2272_6897896|,|How can we help? > I want more visitors > Search Engine Optimization (SEO) >  > |,|SITE-MAP||-||http://www.rtmltemplates.com/checkout-manager-integration.html|,|Checkout Redesign (Responsive)|,|

Customize your Yahoo Checkout Manager checkout and shopping cart pages. Your Store Wizards will create and implement a new design into your checkout and cart pages. As you may know, Yahoo's Checkout Manager is not RTML based and doesn't automatically carry your store design into it.

|,|$1,199.00$|,|https://sep.yimg.com/ca/I/rtmltemplates_2272_7092487|,|Other Services >  > |,|CHECKOUT-MANAGER-INTEGRATION||-||http://www.rtmltemplates.com/checkout-wizard.html|,|Checkout Wizard|,|

The Checkout Wizard improves your checkout process by making it streamlined and fast. Your shoppers will enjoy faster checkout with far less frustration.


Coming Soon