Multi-Add Test Page
"Add" Social Networking Bookmarks for Yahoo Stores$150.00

Accordion Nav - Expanding Navigation Menu for Yahoo! Stores$749.00

Add Search Box & Custom HTML To Side Nav$79.95

Add-To-Cart form update for Yahoo storesPrice: $149.95Sale price: $99.95

Address Auto-fill using Google Maps$149.00

Advanced Product Filter - Filter WizardSearch Within Results: 
Database Hosting: 

Affiliate Banner Creator$999.95

Affiliate Program Duplicate Transaction Removal Script$299.95

Alternate Variables for Utility Links Contents$75.00

Amazon Product Ads Data Feed$0.01

Amazon Wishlist Button$99.00

Auto suggest cross sell installation (Yahoo's version)Cross-sell orientation: 
Checkout Manager: 

Automated Hot Links$199.95

Automated Product VideosInstallation Required: 
Video Sitemap Install: 
Auto Video Sitemap Updates: 

Automatic NEW graphic for new products$150.00

Automatic Page Updated Date$49.95

Automatic Product Recommendations by Strands$299.00

Automatically optimize your Meta Description Tag for search engines$199.95

AvantLink Tracking Pixel Installation$200.00

Breadcrumbs for mobile friendly web pages$99.00

Bridaluxe Tracking Script Integration$124.95

Bronto Tracking Pixel Installation$249.95

Bulleted List Install$150.00

Buysight Tracking Script Installation$149.00

Canonical Tags for Search Engine Optimization SEO$99.00

Captcha Code Installation$399.00

Cart IncentiveType of installation: 

Categorized Site Map$299.95

Checkout Redesign (Responsive)$1,199.00

Checkout WizardAutomatic Updates - Checkout Wizard Requires Annual Automatic Updates: 
Price: $399.00Sale price: $299.00

CJ Cookieless Tracking InstallationCheckout: 

CJ Standard Tracking Pixel Installation$99.95

Click To Call Function for Mobile Pages$75.00

Color Option SwatchesColor: 

Colorbox Image Popup$249.00

Content Listing Install$35.00

Contents Upload Install$35.00

Conversion WizardPlan: 
Price: $199.00Sale price: $99.00

Convert all links to your domain$99.95

Convert To Number Install$35.00

Cookie Opt Out$349.00

Cookie Popup Warning$149.00

Cookie Test$49.95

Copy Headers for Title and Description tags$75.00

Cross Sell Download Installation$35.00

Cross Sell ItemsDisplay Orientation: 

Custom Option Templates$199.95

Custom Order ButtonCreate Graphics: 

Custom Order Button Install$35.00

Custom Work$5.00

Data Feed Service - 3 months FREE$0.01

Duplicate Image File Type Correction - For Yahoo Stores$49.95

Dynamic Option Pricing$299.95

Enhanced BreadcrumbsPlacement: 

Enlarged Item Image PopupInsets: 
Added Logo: 
popup add-on: 

Entire Store CopyEntire Store Copy: 
Change URL references: 
Item Data: 
Item Graphics (first 500 images): 
RTML Templates: 
Variables and Site Settings: 
Price: $0.01Sale price: $0.00

Express Feed Setup Wizard - RushSet up and Optimize Feed: 

Facebook "Like Box"Price: $99.00Sale price: $74.95

Facebook "Like" Button for Yahoo StoresPrice: $99.00Sale price: $74.95

Facebook Activity FeedPrice: $99.00Sale price: $74.95

Facebook Ads Tracking Pixel Installation$125.00

Facebook Likes$0.01

Facebook RSS Feed$0.01

Facebook Thumbnail Image Enhancement for Yahoo StoresMonthly Hosting: 

Favicon Installation for Yahoo StoresCreate Favicon: 

Felicite Gift Registry Template InstallationInclude Registry Info and Login pages?: 

Floating Shopping CartMini Cart in Header: 
Animated Add To Cart Effect: 

Force Option SelectionType of Help: 

Four Hours of ConsultationPrice: $500.00Sale price: $450.00

General Yahoo Store Consulting$150.00

Gift Registry Template InstallationInclude Registry Info and Login pages?: 

Global Web Cart Data Synchronization Template Installation$49.95

Google Analytics Gtag.js TrackingRemove Existing Analytics Install: 

Google Customer ReviewsHosting is Required - Please Read FAQ Below: 

Google Data Feed Cleanup - Feed Error FixerPrice: $249.00Sale price: $199.00

Google Dynamic Retargeting / Remarketing Script Installation for Yahoo Stores$249.00

Google Images - Searchable Static Images for Your StoreWatermarking: 
Image Sitemap: 
Catalog Manager: 

Google Plus One (+1) Button Installation$79.95

Google Publisher Markup$89.00

Google Shopping Variant Setup - for Products With OptionsAdditional Options: 

Google Sitelinks Search Box$199.00

Google Tag Manager$199.00

Google URL Verification$49.00


Hide Non-deleted ItemsPrice: $174.95Sale price: $149.95

ID Listing Install$35.00

Image Carousel$499.00

Image Enhancement BrowserImage Enhancement Type: 
Inset Handling: 

Image reload for Yahoo static URL serviceImage Properties: 

Image Sitemap for Yahoo Static Image URL Service$49.00

Image Watermarking for Yahoo Stores$299.95

Index with Alphabetical Sections$24.95

Index with Orderable items only installation$35.00

Intelligent Cross Sell for Yahoo Storesorientation: 

International Checkout Integration for Existing IC customers$299.00

International Checkout Integration for Yahoo Stores$299.00

Item Conversion to Custom RTML TemplatesNumber of items to convert: 

Javascript Popup Install$35.00

Lightbox Enlarged Image ViewerInsets: 
Added Logo: 

Lube N Tune - Speed Optimization Review$249.95

Magic Breadcrumbs$274.95

Magic Options$299.00

Magic Pixel (ITP 2.0)Monthly Service Plan: 

Magic Zoom - Image Zoom for Yahoo StoresImages to zoom: 
Add Image Popup: 

MAP Pricing$599.00

Mercent Tracking Script Installation for Yahoo Stores$199.00

Mobile Tester - Mobile Page Preview in Yahoo Editor$75.00

Mobile Usability Pack for Yahoo Stores - Yahoo Mobile Pages$299.00

Mobile Website Redirect Tags$74.95

Monitus Category Data FeedPlease select a program: 

Move CSS and Javascript to external filesPrice: $99.00Sale price: $89.00

Move Order ButtonOrder Table: 

Multi Add-to-Cart for Yahoo Stores$899.00


Multiple Inset TableColumns in table: 

MyBuys Product Recommendations$399.00 Gift Registry Template InstallationInclude Registry Info and Login pages?: 

MyRegistry Gift Registry Installation for Yahoo Stores$249.00

No Follow links for Yahoo stores$179.00

On-Page Custom Image Uploader$499.00

One Hour of Consultation $125.00

Open Graph Video Site Map Retrofit for TreepodiaTreepodia Install: 

Option Image SelectorSelect Your Fabric: 
Choose Your 5 Piece Set: 

Order Blocking by Country for Yahoo Stores$99.95

Order Checker Annual Subscription$39.95

Order Checker for Yahoo! StoresUpgrades: 

Order History - File of historic orders$200.00

Order Processor Pro Annual Subscription$399.95

Order Processor Standard Annual Subscription$349.95

Order Table$224.95

Out of Stock Message / Backorder Button$249.00

Out of Stock Upsell Popup$399.00

Page Publish DatePrice: $99.95Sale price: $74.95

PepperJam Tracking Pixel Installation$124.95

Pinterest Pin-It button install for Yahoo stores$99.00

Pre-Made Design Templates$349.00

Pricegrabber Tracking Pixel Installation$99.95

Priority Support Wizard$379.00

Product CarouselOrientation: 

Product Image Alt Tags$99.95

Product Image Optimization Service$199.00

Product Reviews for Yahoo StoresStatic Content: 

Prop 65 Wizard$14.95

Pseudo Tabs - Targeted Text Tabs$399.00

Quantity pricing$299.00

Quick Edit Tool for Yahoo Stores$199.95

Quick Shop Item View Button$899.95

Recently Viewed Items$349.95

Reedge Tracking Script Installation$125.00

Rich Snippets (Microdata) & Canonicals SpecialPrice: $398.00Sale price: $250.00

Rotating Banner Images For Yahoo StoresCustom Banners: 
Flash Banners: 
Banner Placement: 
Banner Rotation Interval: 

Rotating Image Banner$399.00

RTML Publish Time Review$249.95

RTML Template Uploader RegistrationPrice: $99.95Sale price: $74.95

Search Magic Installation (monthly fee not included)$299.00

Secure Credit Card UpdateStore Name/URL: 

Secure Shopping Cart$299.00 Reporting Javascript$99.95

Shopping Cart Upsell Wizard$799.00

Shopping Survey Randomizer$149.95

Show NEW Graphic Install$35.00

Site Wide Property Addition or UpdatingNumber of properties to load: 

Social Networking Share Buttons (AddThis or ShareThis) - Facebook, Pinterest, & more!$249.00

Speed Wizard - Page Load Speed OptimizerProgram: 

SSL Image & Code Cleanup ServiceMy Store Uses the Following Search (Please Select One): 
Estimated Completion Date - Do you need your installation rushed? Rushed Installations will be charged an additional $200 but are guaranteed within 3 business days. Standard Installations may average between 7 - 14 business days for completion: 

Structured Data - Rich Snippets - Microdata MarkupInstall: 

Tabbed Item Information Box$499.95

TaxJar Sales Tax IntegrationMonthly Charge: 

Template Upload PackUpload Points: 


Three Hours of Consultation $375.00

Troubleshooting for your Yahoo! storeCritical Rush! - 24 hour help: 

Two Hours of Consultation $250.00

Wizard Express Small Jobs ServiceJob Description: 

Y Store Forums MembershipMembership Level: 

Yahoo! Search V1 Upgrade to V2Estimated Completion Date - Do you need your installation rushed? Rushed Installations will be charged an additional $50 but are guaranteed within 3 business days. Standard Installations may average between 7 - 14 business days for completion: 
Upgrade to SSL. I have not yet upgraded to SSL - Please do the SSL site upgrade as well: 

Yahoo! Store Data Feeds to Google Shopping and more$0.01

Your Store Review$299.95